What Coaching Clients are saying about Didi:

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Didi personally for over 15 years and it was not until 2008 that I got a chance to work with her professionally. Boy was I dumb in waiting that long. As a business coach there is none better in Portland than her. The way she zeros in on those roadblocks we each face in our business life and helps you get to the root of the issue and then resolve it is as good as it gets. Anyone looking to take their own business career to the next level would be wise to invest the time and dollars in a working relationship with Didi."

Ben Finklea, CEO & Publisher, Wend Magazine

“Didi is an excellent coach who's assistance proved invaluable as I launched my business. I strongly recommend her services to anyone launching a business or dealing with a rapidly changing professional environment."

Tim Shields, Owner, CascadeGames LLC

“I highly recommend Didi as a Personal and Business Coach. She is creative in her approach to problem solving and is an excellent listener and critical thinker. She is solutions oriented and approaches situations from a Win/Win perspective. I highly recommend Didi for anyone that is interested in making changes in the quality of their life and want to find clarity during challenging times.”

Janet Rankin, NW Territory Manager, Micrus Endovascular

“I originally hired Didi to coach me through a career change. Intrigued by the amount of pre-work we both did prior to our first meeting, I was thrilled to see it paid off in that we hit the ground running. She is an incredible listener and doesn't easily let her clients dodge the stuff holding them back. She understands the process can be hard work but she works right along with you, sometimes even taking action items on herself to facilitate your efforts. Very impressive. Didi has an uncanny ability to remember minute details and make connections weeks later which often resulted in a brief pause for me to reflect and then a big "a-ha" when I "got it". In a short period of time, I got my "mojo" back, began having fun and landed a great new role. I'd certainly recommend anyone needing some life perspective to engage with Didi. Just make sure you are not making a career change. I don't want any additional future competition. :-)"”

Bob Cerbone, Marketing Director, GE Healthcare

“Didi is very personable and challenging. When you have a request or are in need of a push this is the person to turn to.”

Nick Crane, Accounting Professional, Consultant

“From the first time I met Didi she struck me as a star. After many years of working together she proved me right, over and over again. There are few people that you come into contact with that show up each and every day with a smile on their face and ready to work hard. Didi not only delivers herself but she empowers others around her to achieve peak performance as well.”

Craig Silverman, VP Sales & Marketing, Albin Engineering Services, Inc.

“I had a fantastic experience working with Didi. A good coach starts off with listening and Didi definitely excels with this first step. Didi makes you feel like you are her only client with the amount of attention and focus she provides. I appreciated the detailed advice and excellent follow up with each meeting. I highly recommend Didi."

Alex DeLucenay, Engineering Project Manager, Trek Bicycle Corporation

“Didi is a great energy to be around. Her confidence in her work and passion for helping people is very encouraging and has inspired me to achieve my goals.”

Linsi Moy, Softball Coach, University of North Carolina Wilmington

“Didi Rocks! I had the opportunity to work for Didi for several years. With her help (management, mentoring, leadership) I was able to achieve far more than I had expected from myself. Although we worked together several years ago - I still find myself thinking about things she had told me or considering how she would have managed a situation before I make a decision or commit to a course of action. Didi Rocks - because she helped me to be better.”

Christian Hageseth, Manager, GoodTags




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