Coach To Win offers various programs to both individuals as well as organizations. 

The Coaching Membership:

Each program has different variables, although will encompass some type of the following three segments.

1. Monthly goal driven meetings:  We will create a program based on your individual goals and requests for achievement.

2. Time managed convenience of both in-person & telephone sessions: Each month will be personally designed coaching sessions based on your goals and aspirations taking into consideration your best time management plan. The key to this program is its design  based on your professional goals with the recognition of change as each objective is accomplished.

3. Access to the Coaching Gym: You have unlimited access to Coach Didi by both email and text during office hours.  Didi is available to offer you support about decision making, daily action items, marketing and other issues that may occur.

Dependent on your membership plan, the Coaching Gym is an opportunity for laser coaching. Laser coaching is rapid and specific. Coach Didi may act as a solution provider or she may provide clarity to your situation. Either way, the call is never longer than 15 minutes, yet this type of availability will become a significant part of your business. This is your Coach on Call segment to assist in the development of your authentic self as your overall awareness increases.

Each coaching program requires a three-month membership.  Unless other arrangements are specified, a monthly invoice is due on the 10th of each month.  During the month, if time is available, you have an opportunity to increase your individual sessions based on your current objectives and goals. Each plan is designed for the personal needs of the client.  (The first coaching program runs 180 days consecutively.)