Who is Coach Didi?

“I believe that all individuals have some type of special talent. When you develop, and highlight, these talents a person has the opportunity to become great.
Everyone should have that chance in life.”

Didi Zahariades, MA has spent her career focused on improving the lives of people. She enhances the life of an individual with her integrity, ethics, and passion combined with an enthusiastic, positive attitude which has allowed her to bring out the best in whoever’s life she touches.

Didi has learned to create goals, set standards, listen, achieve goals, & teach others to accomplish the same .

Didi accredits her own development in these areas to the luxury of growing up in Iowa where strong work ethics are a way of life and the essence of family values are respected. As a graduate from The University of Iowa, with a BA in Communications, Didi originally pursued a career in marketing and public relations. Eventually her passionate attitude led her to a prosperous career in business development; this included time spent learning from the best at Nordstrom’s landmark store in Seattle, Washington.

A diverse background allowed Didi to advance in management and after an extensive business career, involving widespread travel, she eventually settled in Portland, Oregon. By age 30, Didi had followed a rapid career path and was a Vice President for a publicly held technical staffing firm. Throughout her advancement she continued to find her best opportunities continually tied to her love of motivating others.

Didi’s coaching skills began at the conception of her first management position:

“A person needs to feel balanced. I really believe that if too much time is spent in just one area of a person’s life they will later regret it. Trust me, I speak from my own experience. Unfortunately for me, as with many others, it was my personal life and my health that was ignored."

"Sometimes all the signs are there, but we don’t want to listen to our body or see what is truly happening. I still believe it is important to be your best; the difference now is I believe it can be accomplished through the joy of a living a balanced lifestyle.”

Specializing in the development and management of people allowed Didi to become an Executive and Business Coach in her own practice, Coach To Win. As an Executive Coach, Didi educates both organizations and individuals.  She may be an active advisor, create innovative team development plans, become visible as a motivational speaker, off-site facilitator, or develop personal achievement plans for select employees. Didi has found a powerful niche in the area of conflict resolution both within teams and between individuals.

As a graduate from Lewis & Clark College, with a Masters in Counseling Psychology, Didi is also psychotherapist which allows her clients to work on various aspects of their life.  Previously Didi was a Motivational Speaker for the Monster Making it Count Corporation. In this role, Didi spent time traveling to various high schools to discuss life goals and how to achieve high school success. This allowed Didi to develop a rapport with high school students, which she continues to access in her teen coaching program.  Currently Didi has had a high level of success in her student coaching program; this includes both high school and college age individuals.  

As a Mental Health Therapist for Kaiser Permanente, Didi took on a very intense case load.  She spent the majority of her time counseling individuals suffering from depression and anxiety, as well as assisting individuals to cope while struggling with bereavement issues.  In addition Didi discovered a high degree of success in assisting teens through their development issues.  Didi’s current practice includes individuals from the teenage years through baby boomers.

Didi believes in the power of accessing her counseling skills to offer her clients a range of treatment and success options.  In addition to her personal mantra of focusing on the positive with the result of:

“Positive In - Negative Out”

The goal for Coach Didi is to guide individuals to a position of strength, “To be able to see the top of the mountain, ascend it, and then use that vantage point to discover your next peak, while taking pleasure in every step."  

"I want my clients to view their life from this point.”

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Who is Coach Didi?
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