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Direct from Didi:  As a busy executive your job often becomes your life and a forty hour work-week may sound like a welcomed changed from the relentless hours you spend on the job.  As your Executive Coach, I understand the demands and requirements it takes to continually succeed and to become one of the best.

We will work together, as your personal success-team, to increase your leadership and re-exam how your actions may be viewed by others. We will review what is currently working for you and the action steps necessary to improve your daily schedule as well as bring some sort of balance to your daily life. We will discuss what it takes for you to continue on your path of achievement while still pushing you to achieve even more.

As your Executive Coach, I will guide you to discover an improve daily living by giving yourself permission to take care of you when it’s necessary, to discuss what effect your day time has on your play time, and to listen to what you are both saying and not saying about your career as well as your life. 

You have limited time and having your own Executive Coach is essential; executive coaching works for those individuals ready to improve yet not exactly sure how to do it.  I promist eo challenge you towards your own positive change and my expectation is that you will achieve your goals.

 The Harvard Business School may have stated it best in "Methodology: Do You Need an Executive Coach?" Harvard Management Update

More specifically, the experts say, coaching can be particularly effective in times of change for an executive. That includes promotions, stretch assignments, and other new challenges. While you may be confident in your abilities to take on new tasks, you may feel that an independent sounding board would be beneficial in helping you achieve a new level of performance, especially if close confidants are now reporting to you. More so, you may recognize that succeeding in a new role requires skills that you have not needed to rely on in the past; a coach may help sharpen those skills, particularly when you need to do so on the fly.

But coaching is not just for tackling new assignments. It can also play an invigorating role.

"Coaching works when it's systematic," says Babson's Hunt, and many organizations use coaching as an integrated part of a larger leadership development program. Increasingly, firms incorporate "360-degree" feedback, using the results to indicate areas in which an executive might benefit from working with a coach. Has your feedback revealed an area in which you would like to improve? Is it a skill you need to refine in order to advance through the organization? Would you benefit from an outside perspective? The answers to these questions help gauge the potential value of coaching.

For better or worse, many executives can't find this type of conversation partner—what Harvard Business School professor Thomas DeLong calls a "truth speaker"—elsewhere in their companies.

As your Executive Coach, we will focus on your success and you will achieve the 'Win at Work and Win at Life' philosophy.

Executive Coaching Program: on retainer at a fee of $525/month includes:

  • 2 (50) minute sessions per month
  • Review of quarterly goals
  • Increase management skills
  • Team assessment and improvement
  • Conflict resolution development
  • Weekly update through emails
  • Additional session (1) available when necessary
  • Unlimited email
  • Includes Coach on Call program with laser phone coaching available during the month

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