Business Coach

Direct from Didi: As your Business Coach, we will focus on your success by allowing you to ask for what you want, develop conflict resolution skills, increase your revenue, and improve your interpersonal communication skills.  As a team, we will be able to increase your leadership ability, create clarity in your goals and attain those that are most important to you. We will partner to decrease your daily stress, while allowing you to develop tools to enhance your success.

In addition, if you are interested, we will discuss your health and personal relationships. Your sessions may include a discussion regarding your current stress level, accountability to your chosen exercise and diet program, and an overall understanding of the importance of sleep.  Focusing on your biology, psychology, and social aspects of your life allows you to become a more successful individual.

As your Business Coach, we will focus on your success and you will achieve the 'Win at Work. Win at Life' philosophy.


Business Coach:  On a retainer at a fee of $230/month includes:

  • 6 (50) minute coaching and mentoring sessions
  • 180 day success plan
  • Time management skills and interpersonal communication development
  • Unlimited email support

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