How much does it cost?

Executive Coaching Program: on retainer at a fee of $525/month includes:

  • 2 (50) minute sessions per month
  • Review of quarterly goals
  • Increase management skills
  • Team assessment and improvement
  • Conflict resolution development
  • Weekly update through emails
  • Additional session (1) available when necessary
  • Unlimited email
  • Includes Coach on Call program with laser phone coaching available during the month

Life Coach:  On a retainer at a fee of $399/month includes:

  • 10 (50) minute sessions taken over a six month period
  • Leadership development questionnaire with personalized feedback
  • Weekly updates through email
  • 180 day personal development plan
  • Personal assessment
  • Unlimited email support
  • Additional phone session available at reduced rate

Business Coach:  On a retainer at a fee of $230/month includes:

  • 6 (50) minute coaching and mentoring sessions
  • 180 day success plan
  • Time management skills and interpersonal communication development
  • Unlimited email support

Teen Coach Program:  On a retainer at a fee of $260/month includes:

  • semester driven goal setting
  • conflict resolution in daily life
  • family communication skills
  • time management skills
  • assertiveness training (if necessary)
  • 2 (45) minute sessions per month or 3 (30) minute sessions/month
  • Unlimited text
  • Unlimited emails

Style Coach / Corporate Image Consultant:  On a retainer fee of $250/month includes:

  • 8 image consulting sessions taken over six month period (time may vary)
  • Corporate Image plan
  • Boost communication skills
  • Increase interpersonal development skills
  • Personal style and representation questionnaire with personalized feedback
  • Development of vision board
  • Exercise program and diet discussed
  • Unlimited email support  

Additional add to any coaching program:

  • Option of closet review at rate of $650 for ½ day onsite review; plus travel
  • Option of personal shopping assistance available at rate of $200/hour with minimum of 3 hours

All invoices due on 10th of each month.  Except Style Coach, a 6-month commitment to all programs is required.