Life Coach

Direct from Didi: Are you the person striving to be the best?  Motivated by job success, working to attain the perfect home, striving for a remarkable relationship and creating healthy habits…

… which actually means you have become a perfectionist, addicted to the adrenaline of everyday tasks, stressed-out because you’re over-committed, and just running to fast to balance it all --- ultimately leaving you with no time for yourself and questioning:

Is life supposed to be this difficult?

Well what I do is consult, train and coach people like you on a six month program focused on 6 simple, proven strategies to become results driven at work, make positive choices in relationships, appreciate the simplicity of weight loss & fitness, reduce procrastination and ultimately create a winning life.

The result of which allows you to win at work and win at life!

The benefit of which is the ability to feel amazing, attain more energy from working fewer hours, enjoy your reflection in the mirror, and finally understand what it means to be your best.


Life Coach:  On a retainer at a fee of $399/month includes:

  • 10 (50) minute sessions taken over a six month period
  • Leadership development questionnaire with personalized feedback
  • Weekly updates through email
  • 180 day personal development plan
  • Personal assessment
  • Unlimited email support
  • Additional phone session available at reduced rate

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