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Teenagers are tough.  They are difficult on their parents, family and especially themselves.  A teen today has the same stress each of us went through and more!  The world spins quickly and our teenagers have to learn how to hang on without getting lost along the way.  This is where a Teen Coach will help.

Parenting a teen today takes a new set of skills and understanding your teen requires a handbook that hasn’t been written.  This is where I come in.  If your teen is on a path that you do not support; is interacting with a group of friends you know aren’t right for him/her; has issues at school ranging from skipping to poor grades; or is just miserable to live with; then a Teen Coach may truly make a difference.

Communicating with Your Teen

I have extensive experience with High School and College age students.  If you are local, I will meet in-person with your teen on a weekly or bi-monthly schedule.  In addition, I’ve found a great communication tool in texting, phone and email.  Most teens text daily and appreciate having a Coach available throughout the week.  A teen’s world is fast and quick paced; a week later their problems may have multiplied or simply disappeared.  Either way, having the opportunity to drop me a text and discuss --- in the moment --- has led to great success.

As a Teen coach, I begin by developing an honest and straightforward relationship with your daughter or son.  I pride myself in knowing the behind the scenes world of today’s teen.  (I have the luxury of years of previous teenage clients who are willing to share with me information which isn’t available to parents.) Whether it is learning the best excuse to give Mom & Dad at midnight when you miss curfew or confronting the real reason your teen is on Academic probation (or always skipping English class); we will work together to create a balanced, productive, and successful life for your teen.

High School is Difficult

Every teen deserves to enjoy their childhood, yet in today’s society we push teenagers to grow up too fast.  Because of this many teens feel overwhelmed, unable to organize, lazy, fat, unpopular and even ugly. During our sessions, a teen has the opportunity to share true fears, his/her life experiences which have been kept private, daily stressors and issues with conflict.

Teenagers can be mean to one another and it doesn’t take much to see a teen’s Self-esteem plummet.  This is apparent in failing grades, skipping school, using drugs/alcohol, and dropping out of activities.  If this sounds like your teen, there is a good chance that he/she isn’t happy but doesn’t know how to make life better.

Psychotherapist & Teen Coach

As a skilled psychotherapist, I’m able to provide counseling and life coaching.  We will set and attain specific goals through a productive cycle of change.  It is always important to develop a consultative, coaching relationship with a person you can trust.  I believe my background in coaching allows me to communicate in a simple and direct style which works with this age group.

My practice is designed to work with teen’s struggling with clinical diagnosis such as anxiety and depression; as well as those struggling with grades, social networks, friendships, and goal attainment.  Each of these areas may be covered during a coaching session.

We will work to balance out the daily stressors facing your teen.  Our coaching sessions will allow for training in communication skills, conflict resolution, setting positive expectations in family relationships and increased self-esteem to begin making healthy choices.

My therapeutic experience includes serious issues such as cutting, suicidal thoughts, as well as eating disorders.  In these cases, we develop action plans to curb the behavior and begin training techniques such as abdominal breathing, breaking the negative thought patterns and discussing the importance of physical exercise.

Parental Education

As much as a  teen needs assistance in raising her/his self-esteem and achieving life success it is equally important that Mom and Dad understand today’s teen.  Teens are impressionable and technology can be a driving force in their life.  As a parent, it is important that you understand where your teen is on social networking sites; that often teens have more than one Facebook page; that Texting Is Talking and speaking their language is crucial. 

We can discuss any questions you have in regards to your teen. 

If you’d like to begin a program for your teen or learn more about Coach To Win membership, please contact me directly at didi@coachtowin.com or call me at 503.880.0400

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