The Better You Program!

The Better You program will allow you to break the "Fat Failure" cycle.  It is designed to improve your relationship with your body, the scale, your mindset, and food!  We will work together to break you out of the rut you have slipped into; you know where you really dislike your body, have tried everything, blame yourself, & don’t know how to make a change. As your Life Coach, I will support you to gain healthy habits, keep your commitments, kick-start your weight loss, and discover the Better You in just 6 weeks.

Last month a team member said,

In six weeks I dropped a full pants size and I never felt like I was on a diet! Since the Better You program I feel so much better about me and I actually understand why other programs didn’t work.  I had basically given up on losing weight but now I believe I can look good and I can lose weight!  "

Diets do not work, so this program is focused on you from the Inside Out.  We begin with a personal coaching session and progress into a weekly, confidential, conference call.  It’s an innovative approach to weight loss by sharing both your successes and failures with others going through the same process.  Because it is over the phone you have the luxury of being in your own space, talking freely, and it’s also completely confidential!

Our first team call will be on June 16th for an hour & fifteen minute. During this call, we will learn, share, prepare, and plan for the upcoming weeks. Each week we will tackle a tough subject as a team. You will be provided with the tools to launch you forward in progression towards your goals.  And you will learn how to make your goals a reality!

You will look forward to our supportive team call each week as you discover new information about learn more about you.  As you invest in yourself, you will begin to reap the rewards of living a healthy lifestyle by feeling sexy in your own body and enjoying the person you see in the mirror.  Since all of our meetings are over the phone, you have no excuses for not being able to do this program!

This is ultimately about feeling better, and looking better, but it will take us going through your “stuff” to get to the other side. This isn’t about a quick fix, but these 6-weeks can change your life. 

It is time to live the life you deserve.  Start you’re the summer of 2009 by allowing yourself the luxury of 75 minutes a week to start treating yourself better, to get what you need, and to find the support to look the way you want!  This is the time for the Better You.

The Better You will give you the support of a team, create a lifestyle program exclusive to your own needs, provide one to one coaching from your own Life Coach, personal daily emails when necessary, and information to support you in your life goals.;

The basic structure of your program will be as follows:

Week 1: Individual Private Coaching Session scheduled with Coach Didi and an introduction to your team and the process.

Our first session is an opportunity to discuss your current status and what you want to achieve in 6-weeks. This will include goal setting and discussion of your personal life, your professional life, as well as your current overall health.

This is an opportunity to build a relationship with your own Life Coach. A person who will listen to you, support you, push you, and guide you towards your intended weight-loss goals.

We will meet on a weekly conference call for 75 minutes each week following.  In addition, you have access to your Coach-on-Call whenever it is necessary.

Our first week will be focused on setting and exceeding your expectations; recognizing the mind-body connection, and establishing a commitment to you and your team.

Week 2: This group conference call will be the first learning platform to discuss your current barriers to weight loss & begin the formation of your own personal Better You plan.

This call will be an aggressive push in your weight loss plan.

Week 3 & 4: We will continue the group support and individual story lines.  You will be introduced to the concept of ‘Fear of Failure’ & ‘Fear of Success’ and discover the affect each may be having on your mind and body.

Week 5 & 6: These calls will be focused on increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem. You will learn the importance of taking time for you and focusing positive energy into your own life. This will allow you to see how your body is affected by un-healthy life choices and what it feels like to truly enjoy your self!

When: Starts on Monday, June 16th & is every Tuesday evening through July 14th  

Private coaching session will be scheduled during May and kick off your six week plan!

Where: Teleconference number will be distributed after registration

Time: 6:30pm – 7:45pm

Cost: $299

The Better You program is payable by check or credit card at

For more information contact Didi at 503.230.0443 or drop an email to:


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