If you feel like you have no desire to get out of bed in the morning, feeling as if life is passing you by, and you’re worrying about everything but with no future plans these are all normal feelings when you are suffering from an illness. As a psychotherapist, I will listen to your current situation and offer an approach which provides solutions based on your daily life stressors. We will form a partnership to decrease your stress, while allowing you to develop tools to enhance your life.  If you have these feelings, please don’t delay.  Contact me and let’s talk about it

We will follow a solution-focused approach in therapy which works well under limited time constraints. This is combined with the development of techniques such as abdominal breathing and removing critical thinking errors from your thought patterns. In addition, we will discuss your current and past health issues as well as personal relationships.

Recognizing the parts of you that create the whole package such as taking care of yourself, consuming healthy nutrients, exercise and understanding what stress feels like in your body, is part of the process of making you feel better. Each session we will focus on your biology, psychology, and the social aspects of your life allowing you to emerge as the person you are meant to be.

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