What audience members are saying about Didi:

“I feel privileged that I have heard Didi speak at several events over the last couple of years. Each event I have left feeling rejuvenated, uplifted and energized. Didi carefully takes into consideration the target audience and develops a meaningful and positive experience for that audience. Didi is enthusiastic, genuine and fun!”

Shannon Malcom, Sr. Technical Recruiter

“I would like to recommend Didi as a Motivational Speaker. Didi gave a motivational presentation that helped me put my priorities into place. She really made me think about what was important to me and my family. She gave me many bullet items to take away from that day. I know give 100% of whatever energy I have for the day. If I am not feeling well, I still give 100%, even if someone else thinks that it is 80%. When I don’t feel like working out or make up every excuse in the book to avoid the gym, I start by just putting on my tennis shoes and that helps me get there. Didi has an amazing amount of energy to share and always has a positive spin that anyone can apply to any situation…..IF YOU DARE! ”

Juli Waterman, Architectural Sales Manager


Additional Comments
The afternoon speaker was excellent!
Didi’s management speech was extremely helpful!
The hour spent with Didi was very informative and quite an encouragement. She is very good.
Didi was wonderful.
Didi’s presentation was very good –she is an excellent presenter –her message was right on track.

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