By basic definition, a facilitator is an individual who’s job it is to help manage the process of information exchange.  Didi is an expert Facilitator.  As a previous Vice President of Business Development, Didi excelled at balancing viewpoints of managers, directors, and staff to aid in the development of cohesive, productive, revenue generating offices.

Didi specializes in conflict resolution and can be an asset during annual planning meetings, company reorganization, and to increase communication during strategic planning sessions.  With a direct communication style, Didi is able to maintain objectivity while insuring all parties are heard in the process.

“The first word that comes into my mind when I think of Didi is 'enthusiasm.' She has an energy level that separates her from the crowd - you may be able to fake sincerity - but not sheer enthusiasm - for her work and for her clients. I'm weary with a world of half-hearted people who want the universe to provide for them - Didi is about making it happen - she does that for her clients.”

Chris Barrow
Director of Private Sector Development
 at Integrated Dental Holdings Ltd


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